Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
USI’s commitment to sustainable development means we work to ensure our activities, products and services enhance the environment in the communities we operate. This covers USI’s operations in China and all the markets we service.
We are committed to environmental improvement and preventing pollution. We work with customers, suppliers, governments and the community to develop innovative products and recycling solutions that:
Reduce waste;
Minimise any lifecycle impacts;
and Meet community aspirations for a sustainable future.
Within our own operations we:
Require employees to comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards as well as USI’s voluntary commitment to the community;
Identify and manage environmental risks within our operations and apply best practice principles to the prevention of pollution;
Use natural resources responsibly and minimise the environmental impacts of our manufacturing process;
Implement and use management systems to plan, document, measure and monitor environmental performance, including setting, assessing and reviewing objectives and targets;
Communicate this policy to the environmental management system to all employees contractors and other stakeholders as well as making this policy available to the general public; and Continually improve performance through training, management review, research and development and consultation with the community.