Application in different industries


Coatings & Paints & Inks
corrosion resistant
improve adhesion
improve rheology
improve the dispersion of pigments and filler
UV resistant
water and chemical resistant
  Adhesives & Sealants
improve the mix effect
stimulate the bonding of pigments or fillers to resin
improve the strength of base
improve the adhesion 

Wire & Cable

improve the PE strength and heat resistant
improve the cable & wire electric function in wet and dry situation


Fiberglass and Composites

improve the function of cycle

testing from heat pole to cold pole 
improve the fiberglass wetting and  electric function
improve the fiber precursors convergence, protect and handlin function


Metal surface Treatment

replace the traditional phosphorization
prevent the metal surface corrosion



fix the sand of oil well

improve the consolidation strength of resin

improve the affinity between of ground sand  and resin


Building materials waterproof

reduce the Cl- penetration so that protect the inner steel bar from corrosion 

reduce the water absorption of concrete, and protect the concrete from corrosion, weathering and microbe growth 

protect the concrete from freeze-thaw



silicone finishing agent
make the textile soft and a feeling of beautiful  
reducing yellowing
improve the tearing and durability
according to recipe to strengthen the hydrophilic and hydrophobic   
improve the elastic recovery, anti-wrinkle and anti-wearing 
reduce shrunk degrees
improve the flexibility