Pigment 1012

Pigment 1012

Pigment 1012 ;

Molecular Structure:

Product Name
Trade Name: Pigment 1012 

CAS Number: 9016-00-6


Pigment yellow 1012 Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

Molecular Weight 435.20
Molecular Formula C16H12CI2N4O4
P.H. Value 6.0-7.0
Density 2.5
Oil Absorption(ml/100g)% 25-35
Light Fastness 7
Heat Resistance 160 (°C)
Water Resistance 6
Oil Resistance 6
Acid Resistance 7
Alkali Resistance 7
A azo pigment. It is very greenish shade pigment, having very good resistance.
Its main use is water based decorative paint and industrial paint, suggested for coil coating , textile printing and solvent based decorative paint.