Silane grafting Coupling agent The modified clay and its preparation method and use


This invention relates to clay surface modification, surface grafting Silane Coupling Agent with special reference to the modified clay and its preparation method and uses. This invention is the use of clay layers can be reactive on the hydroxyl silane coupling agent in the solvent to achieve the graft modified; grafted amount of silane coupling agent 0.2 ~ 510-3 mol / g clay. Modified clay of this invention, a silane coupling agent covalently grafted onto the clay layers, in improving the clay surface, while hydrophobic, with high heat stability, while the function of the clay can be realized. Modified clay of this invention, as high thermal stability, and enhanced interaction between polymers can be used to prepare polymer / clay nanocomposites, the clay in the polymer matrix to improve the dispersion capacity, to peeling scattered to improve the performance of composite materials.

 The use of a Silane Coupling Agent in combination with silica, or other mineral agents in rubber, especially tires, has become increasingly important. "Green" tires first emerged as a concept in the 1990s, when tire engineers discovered that if they used silane with silica as a reinforcing filler in tread compounds, instead of the traditional carbon black, tire rolling resistance was reduced and wet traction was improved.